Jody is a native of Canton, Ga. who grew up attending Grace Church, and now serves as Associate Pastor. He is married to his wonderful wife Julie (whom he would be a colossal mess without). They have one daughter, Gracelyn. Jody graduated from the University of Georgia in 2002, and Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida in 2006, where he earned a Masters of Divinity.

Upon graduating seminary, Jody moved back to Canton to serve as the pastoral intern for both Cherokee Presbyterian and Grace Church, as they were sharing building facilities at the time. In 2007, Grace called him to be its Associate Pastor and he was ordained by the Northwest Georgia Presbytery.

In 2012, the Stancil’s embarked on an exciting adventure in their call to the ministry. In partnership with the Northwest Georgia Presbytery, they have received the call from God and from Grace Church to begin planting a new gospel-centered church in nearby Cartersville, Ga. You can find more information about the Cartersville project here:

The Stancil’s love the Gospel of the righteousness of Jesus Christ and are excited to share the Good News with others.