Gospel Wheel

Gospel Driven:

We believe that the good news of Jesus Christ impacts individuals, families, the church and the culture to bring the power of freedom and lasting change. Therefore, Grace Church strives to be a Christ-centered, Gospel-focused and Grace-empowered congregation, believing and bringing the good news of forgiveness, freedom and power  in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We affirm that the Gospel is good news:

The Gospel is the good news that when we rely upon Jesus and His work for our relationship to God, Kingdom power comes upon us and begins to radically change us into the likeness of Jesus Christ.  It is the good news that the power of God’s Kingdom has come in the person and work of Jesus Christ to renew all things and to reconcile the whole world to God.


True reformation begins with the reconciling power of Christ’s Gospel working in the hearts and lives of His people. The Gospel is Jesus Christ’s  transforming power to reconcile individuals, families, the church and the community to God through reforming hearts and minds. Reconciliation means that Jesus Christ is present with His people to provide freedom, identity and respect.


Gospel reformation provokes a deep love and adoration for all that Christ is, and all that Christ has done for us and in us and through us. The Gospel is the good news of Christ’s transforming presence that deepens our love for God, inspiring genuine worship and igniting faithful service.  The love of Jesus Christ constrains our devotion and compels our gratitude to Him.


The Gospel is the good news that all of God’s promises are “yes, and Amen” in Christ. In the Gospel, Jesus has fulfilled all of God’s covenant promises to and for His people. The biblical term “covenant” describes a Christian’s sacred relationships with the Triune God, His Church and one another. At Grace Church, these loving relationships characterize how we want to learn, live and serve one another, as well as the community. The good news of Christ’s transforming love compels the body of Christ to love one another, to intersect and impact our community and the world with Christ’s love.


As Christians grow deep in their understanding of how the Gospel transforms and frees them, Christ’s transforming work makes everyone’s calling “the work of ministry.”  Jesus Christ’s call makes that service joyful and fruitful for the glory of His Name.  In other words Jesus calls everyone to the work of ministry which consists of both sharing the word and meeting needs inside and outside the church.  Leaders of Christ’s church equip everyone for “the work of ministry.”  Equipped members are then mobilized to carryout their mission with delight and joy!

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